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How Living Environment Affect Your Skin

How Living Environment Affect Your Skin?

Environmental factors are playing an important role on our skin’s condition. The factors influence our skin’s health from day to day. Some of the factors are climate, season, living location and outsider germ.

Are you wondering why your skin’s condition keeps changing all the time? Here are some of the reasons:

Living in City

For those who are living in major cities, you are exposed to different pollution. The pollutions include dust in the air, chemical pollutants and exhaust gas emission. Dust in the air causes clogging of pores and leads to bacteria increment on our skin. Besides, chemical pollutants seriously affect our skin protection system.

How Living Environment Affect Your Skin

Exposure of Skin under Sun

Outdoor activity lovers are facing the problem of long time exploring under the sun. Ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun can directly cause short-term and long-term damages on our skin structure. If we do not apply suitable protection such as sun block to our skin, the skin structure will damage. The damages are referring to changes of skin texture, pigmentation and skin cancer.

Hot Air

Most of us will dry our hair after bathing by using hair dryer. Do you know that artificial heat and air are able to influence our skin’s sensitivity, oiliness and dryness? Since this is an essential procedure of our self-love journey, we can apply adequate moisturizing procedure on our skin every morning and night. Moisturized skin ensures the production of oil on our skin and keeps our skin’s health.


All of us are at risk from contacting outside germs. For example, touching elevator buttons, contacting doorknob in the working space and using self-service kiosk. This will cause the germs to remain on our skin, including the skin of our hand and face. The dirt and germs bring negative effect to our skin and cause sensitive and unhealthy skin. 


By realizing some of the reasons, we are able to protect our skin by taking adequate precautionary methods. For example, constantly cleaning our skin, applying suitable skincare products and being mindful of our skin’s condition all the time.

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