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WASH IT Facial Cleanser

Facts About Facial Cleanser

One of the essential parts in skin care journey is facial cleansing routine. The first step is to choose the right facial cleanser to ensure the healthy glow.

1. Choosing of Facial Cleanser

Selecting the right facial cleanser is important and we need something to clean our face besides clean water. During the selection of cleanser, the price is not the first consideration. The most suitable cleanser for you does not refer to the expensive cleanser. Cleanser should be gentle to our face to protect our skin structure. In our daily life, most of the soaps are considered dry and not gentle in order to remove the dirt on our skin. Thus, our  face needs a gentle and less-drying cleanser.

Introducing DaisyDiary Seriously Rose “WASH IT” Very Good Facial Cleanser. This facial cleanser fulfills the requirements as a suitable facial cleanser for all of you. “WASH IT” is a gentle cleanser with fresh rose fragrance. I feel refreshed after using “WASH IT” in the morning and at night.

WASH IT Facial Cleanser

2. Clean your Hands before Applying

Our hands contain bacteria and dirt after contact with any surfaces. Hence, we need to wash our hands to remove the bacteria and dirt before the skincare routine. The most important is to make sure all the soap is rinsed off from our hands. This is due to the chemical substances of soap that are not friendly to our sensitive skin on face.

3. Clean with Right Methods

The basic tool for gentle face cleansing is our fingertips. Owner of Jill Bucy Skincare in Seattle highlighted that our fingers could apply light massages on our face and enhance the lymphatic drainage and promote circulation. However, over-washing and scrubbing will cause redness, sensitive skin and others.

Besides, “OVAL 3” from DaisyDiary also assists us in the skincare journey. This is a facial cleansing tool which enhances the effects of gentle cleanser on our face.

4. Wash Beyond the Face

Cleanser can be used on our neck, shoulder, chest and hands. These parts of our body also experience the same cleansing effects as our face.

5. Tips after Applying Cleanser

After washing our face and hands, try to avoid using our daily used towel which hangs on the rack. If we dry our face by using bath towel, the bacterias on the bath towel will transfer to our face and this is not friendly to the sensitive skin on face. Thus, usage of a clean and soft towel for face drying is suggested. Moreover, dry our face gently with clean towel and do not over-rubbing.


Then, we can continue our skincare routine with toner, moisturizer, serum and other skincare products which are suitable and gentle to our skin.

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