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Do you know that male and female skin different?

Skin Thickness

Generally, male skin is literally thicker than female skin by around 20%. Male skin contains more collagen as compared to female skin and leads to tighter and firmer skin appearance. However, the actual percentages vary from different individuals. 

Declining of Collagen

Collagen is able to make our skin firmer and tighter. We start to lose collagen from the age of 20. This is because the production of collagen from our body is less than the natural collagen loss. Hence, our skin experiences overall collagen loss. Male lose collagen at a constant rate but female experience faster rate than male.

Problem of Pores

Pores are the tiny dots on our skin and we can see them when close to the mirror. The functions of pores are to release oil, sweat and other essential substances from our skin. Pores of male are relatively more than female. Moreover, the pores of male also larger than female, which affects good looks.

Skin Oiliness

Sebum or the natural oil of our skin acts on the role of skin hydrating and bacteria blocking. However, too much sebum on our skin also brings trouble to us. Since male have more oil glands and sebaceous glands than female, male have greater sebum production than female. Excessive sebum on our skin will lead to pores clog and acne. 

Irritation Risk

Shaving becomes a daily routine of male. This causes the skin of male become more stressed and sensitive. Shaving removes the uppermost layer of skin and exposes the sensitive skin to the external environment. This may be due to the problems of razor condition and insufficient shaving cream during shaving. Hence, skin of male is easier to be irritated as compared to female.

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