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Our Product is Good for You, as well as the Planet

Here at DaisyDiary, you get to save the environment and be rewarded by recycling your used products with us.

D Green Recycling Program
1. Clean, dry & send back to use
Daisy Diary
2. We gather, sort & send out
Trusted Recycle Center
3. Wash & crush into tiny pieces
Partner Manufacturer
4. Melt & mold into new bottle

How to Send Back Your Used Bottles

Clean, dried, and pack your used bottles into a suitable postage box (preferably your pre-used DaisyDiary box). No worries, we will recycle your box too.
Ship them to the address below via any courier service providers of your choice.
DaisyDiary Skin Work
A-27-18, Menara A, Liberty Arc @ Ampang Ukay,
Persiaran Ampang Ukay,
68000 Ampang,
Simply drop us a WhatsApp by clicking the chat box on the right corner with your name and a picture of your shipping receipt.
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

Get Rewarded to Be An Environmental Hero

  • If you are one of the D’ Friends, you can choose to EARN POINTS instead of a free gift. (1 bottles = 100 D’ Point)

*Kindly note that the reward system is subject to change

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This offer is open to DaisyDiary’s customers located in Malaysia only.

We are looking for hard-to-recycle plastic and glass skincare packaging from our brand only. Items to send including plastic pumps, lids, and glass bottles. Items NOT to send including cardboard packaging could be recycled easily with your local councils. You can also send trail kit products’ packaging but these do not count towards the FIVE to TEN bottles required to earn a free DaisyDiary product.

Yes as usual. Pump out as much DaisyDiary formula as you can, run through your bottles with water, and air dry them before packing into the box.

You can send back as many empty DaisyDiary bottles as you like. We would like to receive them all.

Unfortunately not. We cannot take other brands’ products as we do not know the composition of their packaging and will not be able to recycle them alongside our bottles.

You are responsible for the shipping costs to DaisyDiary Skin Work, A-27-18, Menera A, Liberty Arc @ Ampang Ukay, Persiaran Ampang Ukay, 68000 Ampang, Selangor. You are recommended to send at least FIVE bottles at once with your pre-used DaisyDiary postage box.

You must let us know about the deliveries before they arrive at our warehouse by dropping us a WhatsApp message at 012-4043403 with your name and a picture of your shipping receipt.

The process starts once your DaisyDiary has finished its mission satisfying you with noticeably greater looking skin and delighted your self-care routine. The bottles will first be collected, cleaned, dried, and sent out to us at DaisyDiary headquarter. By gathering a considerable amount of these products, we will then separate them accordingly with their material, and hand them to our trusted recycling center, namely iCYCLE. The guys at iCYCLE know what they are doing. They sort those used products by material, colour, wash to remove any impurities, and crush them into smaller pieces. Lastly, our fellow partner manufacturers will be there to melt and mold those raw materials, and fill them with precious DaisyDiary formulas to serve the next ‘you’.

The ‘Recycle Your Diary & Save The Daisy’ programme is an on-going initiative by DaisyDiary Skin Work to encourage every customer to give recyclable materials a second life. Hence, all rewards earned can be redeemed at any given time.