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About Us

Daisy Diary

Tailored Your Self-Love Est. 2018

To promote modern self-love by delivering inspiring and innovative daily self-care essentials.

Story Behind Daisy

How it started
The idea was initiated by the founder (Karyee) when she noticed the coming trend of facial cleansing devices as a university student. Unfortunately, the fascinating tools were hardly adopted by the majority of skin enthusiasts due to their hefty price tag. Being in the same boat, Karyee sees the opportunity by bringing in a cost-friendly alternative with minimal variation in quality and functions, under the name of ‘DaisyDiary’.
Launch of facial cleansing device
An upgraded version of ‘DaisyDiary’ was launched in response to the needs and feedbacks of fellow faithful Daisies. Being the top-selling model, the latest facial cleansing device is the achievement of synergies between the brand with various trusted suppliers, featuring patented ergonomic design, enhanced silicon brush head, optimum vibration frequencies for skin, and additional heat conducting technology to amplify skin absorption.
Launch of facial skincare products
Being in the middle of the pandemic which has provoked the beauty industry with new basic needs, the idea of transforming and elevating the brand was backed by two co-founding partners (HengHang & Zack). Now, DaisyDairy refers to a modernised self-care brand which has launched a series of basic facial skincare products (‘Wash It’, ‘Pat It’ & ‘Moist It’), along with an acne-fighting serum (‘Its’ Glow’) on the brand new official website store.

Daisy’s Principle

All-Natural Ingredients

All DaisyDiary formulations are in compliance with our strict natural standards, sourced responsibly and harvested ethically from our trusted partner suppliers. At DaisyDiary, your rose cream is made from real roses.

Nasties-Free Skincare

As part of our commitment to skin-friendly ingredients, we adhere to avoid all irritating and unhealthy conventional chemicals such as parabens, synthetic fragrance, triclosan, etc.

4. cruelty free
Vegan & Cruelty-Free

Either to be an animal lover or gentler to your skin, we are committed to make our products free from animal by-products and animal testing. All ingredients are extracted only from the real plants, fruits and vegetables.

Sustainable Practices

Skincare should be good for you, and also for the environment. We bottle all of our products in recyclable glass containers with minimal plastic parts, and featuring zero-plastic packaging.


  1. The first thing in the morning should be hydrating yourself with a glass of warm water along with your favourite list of acoustic music.
  2. To start, cleanse your face with a gentle, pH balanced Cleanser (WASH IT) to remove any overnight skincare product, dead skin, oils, and dirt.
  3. Following cleansing, always prep your skin with an energy boosting Toner (PAT IT) to absorb active ingredients in your other products.
  4. Then, move onto an oil-balancing and acne-controlling Treatment Serum (IT’S GLOW) or any other treatments that work best with your skin.
  5. Now it’s time to massage a lightweight, non-greasy Moisturizer (MOIST IT) into your skin to simultaneously hydrate and seal in hydration. 
  6. You should always finish up your morning regimen by applying Sunscreen or any Makeup Foundation with sun protection to prevent UV damage.
  7. Finally, kick-start your day with a cup of freshly brewed filtered coffee or green tea and wishing you all the best.

Within the FOUR core principles of DaisyDiary, THREE of them are related to ingredients and formulations. Natural ingredients are generally much safer to our skin, pack with nutrients, and gentler to our skin without causing any redness and itchiness.

Let’s have a look at what we have to improve your skin!

D-Green Recycling Programme

At DaisyDiary, we believe that “Skincare should be Good for You, as well as the Planet”. By doing our little bit, we constructed our products to be fully recyclable with only necessary plastic parts. Now, allow us to take the lead and complete the circle of recycling.

Join us now to save the planet and get rewarded!

Customer Testimonial

“I usually change my skin care product from time to time and never manage to finish one. But Daisy Diary r is honestly a game changer. Just finished my 7 days travel set and am currently waiting for it to be in stock soon!! My honest review is that it's very gentle on my skin and I really love how healthier my skin is right now. I feel so fresh after using it and I feel like the product is safe to use on my skin.”
Lydia Tan
“Having tried it before launching, it really surprised me, because all the products are non-greasy at all. It has reduced my sebum and acne as well. I have ordered the full set!”
Kow Gate Yen
“This is a lovely gentle gel skin calming cleanser. It leaves the skin really clean and feeling fresh and rejuvenated. My skin has looked clearer and more radiant since using it. Lathers well and has a charming rose scent.”
Leong Kai Chi
“In terms of texture, this cleanser lathers up really well and it leaves my combination skin refreshed and squeaky clean without feeling tight or dehydrated. I apply a little amount over the damp face, and gently massage the face in small circle motions. Using just a little would go a long way. The foam has a silky texture. ”
Jolin Tang
“Great cleanser, have used it for the travel kit and am buying again now. It dispenses well, texture and consistency is perfect.”
Yan Yan
“My skin was dry/combination skin. It's very light weight and it doesn't leave my face dry. It makes my skin healthier and it does improve my skin complexion.”
“Really impressive!My sebum and acne have been reduced visibly after 1 week of use! The gelast absorb and non-greasy at all!”
Vivian Chang
“I love how deeply clean my skin feels after using it. I’m not exaggerating at all! My skin care products no longer feel like they are sitting on top of my skin! If you are contemplating getting one, just do it! You will also be pleasantly surprised. ”
“I bought this 6 months ago and wanted to test drive it before I settled on my opinions. I normally wash my face just on the nights I wear makeup and that’s it so I was excited to up my skincare routine.”
Jayce Tan
“Nifty size, comfortable to hold. All functions doing well.”
“I purchased my OVAL 3 about a month ago and have been using it every morning and evening. I love how it makes my skin texture smoother and I really feel my skin is properly cleansed after using this device.”
Joanne Yap
“I’ve tried all kinds of brushes and facial scrubs but most of them were either too harsh on my skin or did absolutely nothing. I was honestly really scared that this product would end up like the others I’ve tried, and that there was no hope for my over -reactive skin. Within only one week of use, the acne was less prominent, didn’t cause irritation and my skin was SUPER SOFT! I never knew my skin could feel this good!”
Selena Heng